GMS, mesure optique 3D



V-STARS 4.6 important features:

  • INCA3a+ support. The primary feature in V-STARS 4.6 is support for GSI's new INCA3a+ cameras. INCA3a+ is a new, improved version of the INCA3 camera.

  • Auto-scan, auto-process added. The new Auto-scan feature automatically scans on-line (wired or wireless) images as they are received, providing faster operation and more immediate feedback. Auto-scan is especially useful in wireless S mode operation.
    The Auto-process feature allow the camera operator to start the processing from the camera.

  • M-Mode autoexposure added. V-STARS 4.6 automatically sets the shutter and strobe exposure for you.

  • Scripting added. Scripting is a powerfull new feature that allows V-STARS users to write script files to automate many V-STARS operations.

  • PRO-SPOT/A support. V-STARS 4.6 supports the recently introduced PRO-SPOT/A, an imporved, automated version of the original PRO-SPOT.
    Remote control of strob level, focus and aiming lasers can be accomplished either via connection to a computer or by hand-held infrared remote unit.