GMS, mesure optique 3D


"3D measurement in even the most hostile environments"
photo d'un I-CAN photo d'un I-CAN

With I-CAN, GSI's state-of-the art INCA cameras can now operate in thermal vacuum environments while maintaining the high accuracy of the INCA digital camera and V-STARS system.

I-CAN is completely self-contained with, single thin cable for power and data, dry nitrogen purge for cooling, built-in heating and flash systems, and internal camera roll.

The features of this system include:

  • Fast, accurate, reliable 3-D coordinate measurement
  • Immediate results
  • Dynamic, real-time measurement (using two or more cameras)
  • Rigid, optically flat quartz window maintains accuracy
  • Controller can handle up to three cameras/canisters
  • Notebook computer operation
illustration sur le fonctionnement d'un I-CAN illustration sur le fonctionnement d'un I-CAN