GMS, mesure optique 3D


"True non contact measurement"

photo d'un PRO-SPOT

Prospot is a measurement system for fast accurate, dense non-contact measurement of large surfaces such as molds, master models, panels, antennas, and other components.

The system consists primarily of:

  • The PRO-SPOT target projector
  • One or more INCA3 cameras
  • Notebook computer and system software

PRO-SPOT works by projecting thousands of dots onto the surface. These dots are measured by a single camera V-STARS/S system or a multi-camera V-STARTS/M system.

The V-STAR/S system can measure static objects by taking pictures from various locations using its single camera. The V-STARS/M system, by virtue of its synchronization, can freeze the dots on the surface and so is especially suited for moving objects or objects undergoing deformation.

The PRO-SPOT system is capable of making fast, accurate, dense, non-contact measurements on large surfaces such as molds, master models, panels, antennas and other components.

exemples d'images prises par PRO-SPOT