GMS, mesure optique 3D


"The automated PRO-SPOT"

PRO-SPOT /A is an enhanced, 2nd generation stroboscopic target projector. Like the original PRO-SPOT, it excels at fast, accurate, non-contact 3D measurement of large, dark or shiny objects such as molds, master models, panels, antennas and other components. However, PRO-SPOT /A opens up new, exciting possibilities including completly automated, remote measurement.

New PRO-SPOT /A features include:

photo du PRO-SPOT2
  • Universal power 110v/220v
  • Greater light output
  • Dual aiming laser
  • Hand-held infrared remote control for focus adjustment, stroboscopic modeling light speed, aiming laser on/off, firing the projector
  • Full power recharge rate of less than 6 secondes
  • Power selection from 100% to 1%
  • Remote operation by V-STARS via INCA3 camera or USB

photo du PRO-SPOT2 photo telecommande photo du PRO-SPOT2