GMS, mesure optique 3D


"The V-STARS/E4X entry level system offers versatility, protability and accuracy."
illustration de la caméra D2X

The V-STARS/E4X system is the latest turnkey digital photogrammetry system offered by GSI. The E4X is a lower priced entry level system for users who do not need the accuracy and features of our high-end V-STARS/S and V-STARS/M systems. At the heart of the E4X system is the Nikon D2X camera. The Nikon D2X features a 12 million pixel color CMOS sensor, TTL viewfinder, simple menu system and removable digital storage. GSI's unique and extensive photogrammetric experience has been used to convert the Nikon D2X into a robust, high accuracy photogrammetric camera.

The E4X system is portable, lightweight, fast and accurate.

This system also benefits from all of the other inherent advantages of photogrammetry - it is non-contact, immune to vibration and movement, and operator independent.

In addition, the derived data can be easily analyzed in V-STARS or exported to third party software présentation de la caméra D2X

Applications for the E4X are found in the aerospace, antenna, automotive, shipbuilding and other industries. Typical applications include:

  • Part and tool inspection
  • Part building
  • Surface measurement
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Measurement in unstable environments (vibrations, movement)
  • Measurement in production environments where downtime is critical
  • Heavy engineering such as bridge block measurements