GMS, mesure optique 3D


"Automated image processing"

Representing decades of development and experience, the V-STARS software is at the core of every system. V-STARS is robust, highly automated and comprehensive.

Some of its features include:

  • Fast, completly automatic image processing
  • Template projects for automating repeat measurements
  • Construction objects to simplify repetitive data analysis
  • Graphical viewing of data and results
  • Data alignment and transformation
  • Report generating capabilities
  • Export data to third party software

Optional packages are available for further data analysis. These include:

  • SOLIDS - Computes best-fit lines, planes, circles, spheres, cylinders and curves.
  • V-SURF - Import IGES files for point to surface analysis
  • PARABOLA - Computes best-fit paraboloid

illustration de la vue des photos dans le logiciel

Photos views

illustration de l'image mesurée dans le logiciel

Pictures processed

illustration de la position des caméras dans le logiciel

Point of view from cameras

illustration des coordonnées X,Y,Z des points dans le logiciel

3D coordinates points

illustration graphique du fichier IGES dans le logiciel

Graphical view of IGES file

Comparaison avec le fichier IGES dans le logiciel

Differences with IGES file