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"INCA3 provides unsurpassed power, versatility and accuracy "

The INCA3 camera is GSI's third generation INCA digital photogrammetric camera. It retains all the powerful features and proven design of GSI's revolutionary INCA and INCA2 cameras, while providing improved features including an integrated strobe, greater ease of use, higher accuracy, and wireless operation.

INCA3 combines a proven 8 MegaPixel CCD sensor with a powerful, but compact and robust industrial PC based computer.

The camera's light-weight but rugged design, combined with its integrated removable battery, wireless connectivity, and automatic exposure features make picture taking a breeze.

The camera can be operated off-line or on-line. For off-line operation, pictures are stored on removable flash memory. INCA3 uses a fast and efficient proprietary compression algorithm that stores hundreds of images on the storage media.

For on-line operation, pictures are transmitted via the operational wireless connection or via the light-weight power/network cable. The choice is yours. Multiple cameras can be operated simultaneously on-line for real-time measurement of dynamic or static objects.

Présentation de l'INCA3

Whether the application calls for hand-held operation, remote control, or real-time measurement, INCA3 has the power, versatility and accuracy to handle it with ease. Applications are found in the aerospace, antenna, automotive, shipbuilding, and a variety of other industries.