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Géodésie Maintenance Services operates in all industrial fields.
Our company is specialized in three-dimensional metrology, particularly non-contact measurement by optical method.

Recognized experts in the field of photogrammetry, we offer our services for measurement, sale and maintenance of systems, tooling manufacturing, expertise, as well as study and engineering.

We distribute standard elements dedicated to three-dimensional measurement but we can also develop custom-made tools specially adapted to your applications.

Photogrammetry systems are fast, without contact (therefore do not distort the object to be measured), allow thousands of points of a block to be measured and with high precision (depends on the size of the object to be measured, typically 5 microns + 5 microns per meter).


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From the design of our own products to production and sales, we find solutions to your technical problems thanks to our experience of more than 20 years in the field of industrial photogrammetry and non-contact three-dimensional measurement.

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  • Engineering

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  • Electronic
  • Optic
  • Mechanical
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  • Metrology

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  • Single camera photogrammetry
  • Multi cameras photogrammetry
  • Calibration room
  • Laser tracker

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